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cba球员 www.hqwlr.com 一般過去時、現在完成時、現在完成進行時、將來完成時的用法及區別(習題綜合演練)




1. My uncle ______ in Taiwan for 20 years. Now he has settled down in mainland.

A. 1ived

B. had lived

C. has lived

D. was living

2. By the time you have completed the essential training, you ______ exposed to virtually every new feature of the course.

A. are

B. will have been

C. have been

D. will be

3. I’m sure you will do better in the test because you ____ so hard this year.

A. studied

B. had studied

C. will study

D. have been studying

4. You fool! You could have got a house full of wonderful food, but you only _____ for a cake.

A. were to wish

B. wished

C. have wished

D. had wished

5. -Since you have agreed to go with us, why aren’t you getting ready?

-But I _____ that you’d have me start immediately.

Adon’t realize B. didn’t realize C. hadn’t realized D. haven’t realized

6. Mr. Irving, who _____ in a high school for forty years, is now living retirement.

A. has taught

B. taught

C. had taught

D. has been teaching

7. She ____ on a new novel ever since this summer and it is supposed to ____ at the beginning of 2013.

A. had worked; be published

B. had been working; have published

C. has worked; publish

D. has been working; be published

8. Tom is now in our class, but he once ____ in Westbrook High School for a term.

A. has studied

B. studied

C. had studied

D. studies

9. Someone _______ his car in front of my house and it is blocking my driveway.

A. had parked

B. was parking

C. parked

D. has parked

10. In the past twelve months the research members _________the effectiveness of many materials in a home building.

A. had studied

B. would study

C. studied

D. have studied

11. To Our disappointment, the trip we had been looking forward to ____ in the pouring rain.

A. starting

B. start

C. to start

D. started

12. I ____ you not to give up that job - now, where can you find a better one?

A. told

B. were telling

C. had told

D. tell

13. The big city has always been the dream career destination of college students. But lately a trend of heading back home ____ a part of future job considerations.

A. has become

B. had become

C. becomes

D. will become

14. Sorry, I’m late. The car ____ down on my way here.

A. was breaking

B. has broken

C. had broken

D. broke

15. Nowadays no one seems to show any interest in his novel, which, though, ____ a best seller.

A. had been

B. was

C. has been

D. would be

16. Now that we _____ all the money, it’s no use turning on me and saying it’s all my fault.

A. had lost

B. lost

C. have lost

D. lose

17. -Sir, I’m here.

-P1ease listen. I _____ asking your parents to come to our school, but I'd like to hear your opinion first.

A. have considered

B. am going to consider

C. considered

D. have been considering

18. -You may find the key to the maths problem on page 107.

-Ah, it’s so simple. I wonder why I ____ of that.

A. hadn’t thought

B. haven’t thought

C. didn’t think

D. wasn’t thinking

19. Collecting stamps as a hobby ____ increasingly popular during the past fifty years.

A. becomes

B. became

C. has become

D. had become

20. -Better not throw waste paper here and there.

-I’m so sorry, but I ____ the waste paper basket.

A. won’t see

B. wasn’t seeing

C. didn’t see

D. don’t see


One of the easiest things in the world is to become a fault-finder. However, life can be 1 when you are not busy finding fault with it.

Several years ago I 2 a letter from seventeen-year-old Kerry, who described herself as a world-class fault-finder, almost always 3 by things. People were always doing things that annoyed her, and 4 was ever good enough. She was highly self-critical and also found fault with her friends. She became a really 5 person.

Unfortunately, it took a horrible accident to change her 6 . Her best friend was seriously hurt in a car crash. What made it almost 7 to deal with was that the day before the 8 , Kerry had visited her friend and had spent the whole time criticizing her 9 of boyfriends, the way she was living, the way she related to her mother, and various other things she felt she needed to 10 It wasn't until her friend was badly hurt that Kerry became 11 her habit of finding fault. Very quickly, she learned to appreciate life rather than to 12 everything so harshly ( 刻薄) . She was able to transfer her new wisdom to other parts of her 13 as well.

Perhaps most of us aren't as extreme at fault-finding, 14 when we're honest, we can be sharply 15 of the world. I'm not suggesting you 16 problems, or that you pretend things are 17 than they are, but simply that you learn to allow things to be as they are-18 most of the time, and especially when it's not a really big 19 .

Train yourself to “bite your tongue”, and with a little 20 , you’l l get really good at letting things go. And when you do, you’ll get back your enthusiasm and love for life.

1. A. lonely B. great C. quiet D. uneasy

2. A. r eceived B. answered C. expected D. Rejected

3. A. t hreatened B. interrupted C. bothered D. spoiled

4. A. a nything B. everything C. something D. nothing

5. A. c aring B. boring C. interesting D. surprising

6. A. attitude B. plan C. measure D. explanation

7. A. u rgent B. unnecessary C. certain D. impossible

8. A. o ccasion B. event C. accident D. adventure

9. A. m emory B. notice C. evidence D. choice

10. A. hear B. contribute C. express D. admit

11. A. aware of B. afraid of C. curious about D. confused about

12. A. discuss B. realize C. judge D. settle

13. A. family B. life C. career D. education

14. A. so B. or C. but D. for

15. A. proud B. sure C. hopeful D. critical

16. A. face B. create C. solve D. ignore

17. A. rarer B. better C. stranger D. worse

18. A. at least B. at last C. by far D. so far

19. A. task B. deal C. result D. duty

20. A. practice B. speech C. rest D. pity


Employment for Adults

School food service employment offers a Monday through Friday work schedule with time off when children are not in school. We have a variety of short-hour positions, with flexible hours, NO EVENINGS OR WEEKENDS.

Training is provided for a variety of duties. These duties may include preparing items for a salad bar, operating a commercial dishwashing machine, even managing an outside snack cart on campus. Knowledge of or the ability to be trained in cash handling is a must for employment at the junior and senior high level. Our computerized cash accounting system could afford you the opportunity to become familiar with computers. Advancement opportunities are available.

Apply for part-time positions at the Food and Nutrition Department, 143 South Alma School Road. We are between Broadway and Main on the east side of Alma School Road. We can be reached by calling (480)472-0900.

Employment for Students

The Food and Nutrition Department of Mesa Public School employs students to work in the school cafeteria. Student employees learn food service skills that help them gain an edge in the “real” work environment. They learn to prepare and serve food as well as operate a computerized point of sale system.

Student employees must meet the following minimum qualifications:

●Must be at least 14 years old.

●Grade of A/B in math.

●Must have less than five absences during the previous school year.

●Must be able to count change accurately or have the ability to learn.

●Must be able to take direction and follow orders.

●Must be extremely honest and loyal.

Please visit the cafeteria manager for more information.

ALL EMPLOYMENT CANDIDA TES:To work in the cafeteria you must obtain a Food Service Worker License issued by Maricopa County. The licenses are required for any person who handles, prepares, serves, or sells food for human consumption, including those whose duties are restricted to busing or washing dishes. New workers must obtain their licenses within 30 days of hire.

1. All the employees don’t have to work ________.

A. in the afternoon

B. on weekends

C. on weekdays

D. in the day time

2. Which of the following is NOT included in the training programme?


   …… 現在完成時(Present perfect)過去發生并且已經完成的動作對現在造成影響或后果,過去某一時間開始并一直持續到現在并且有可能還會持續的動作或狀態.句型: 基...

   …… 現在完成進行時表示動作從過去的麼一時間一直進行到現在.而現在完成時的動作已經結束但是其結果(后果)卻影響到現在.如:She has been siwmming for two hours.(...

現在完成時 - 百科
   …… 現在完成時是英語中一種很常見的時態.現在完成時(Present perfect)過去發生并且已經完成的動作對現在造成影響或后果,過去某一時間開始并一直持續到現在并且有可能還會持續的動作或狀態.現在完成時用法(5張) 基本結構:主語...

   …… 構成:主語+have/has+動詞的過去分詞(done) ①肯定句:主語+have/has+動詞的過去分詞+賓語. ②否定句:主語+have/has+not+動詞的過去分詞+賓語. ③一般疑問句:Have/Has+主語+動詞的過去分詞+賓語. ④特殊疑問句:特殊疑問詞或詞組...

   …… 結構:現在完成時由“have/has+過去分詞”構成,主要有兩個含義:①表示動作發生在過去,但與現在的情況有聯系,有時無時間狀語,有時和一些表示不確定的過去時間狀語連用,如:many times,just,yet,ever,never,already,b...

   …… 現在完成時 強調對現在的影響 現在完成時進行時 強調過去那一段過程(對現在的影響) 現在完成時 I have done it.我已經做了 強調你做過的事情的本身,現在有否做不是...

   …… has/have done

   …… 一般過去時和現在完成時的用法區別1.一般過去時所表示的一個或一段過去時間是可以具體確定的,與其他時間沒有牽連.它所表示的事情純屬過去與現在情況沒有聯系.現...

   …… 現在完成時 have/has + done 現在完成時的被動語態 have/has+been done現在完成時的標志性時間狀語already , ever , never , yet , just , before, still , lately ,since , for a long time ,up to now, until,so far,in the last few years/weeks/mouths , till now,recently


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